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If you are questioning your sexuality, this article might help you. I have a friend who is romantically attracted to men and women but only sexually attracted go men. Would you wanna be in a relationship with a man or woman? If you feel strongly attracted sexually to males then I would say you are more gay than straight. Consider me your future self, telling you what you could be.

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Could be sweetheart, nothing wrong with being gay

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Sounds pretty gay to me. You have to tell us more. Respond Your response must be between 3 and characters. The truth is nude guys excite you because, you want to emulate them, essentially you want to be them, and there is no problem with masturbating to those images making your wishes come true desiring to be those men. I suppose there is still a chance for me to experience but the odds are against me and there are legality issues surrounding my experience.

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Windlance Send a private message. It's ok to experiment with both sexes but be careful you and they do not get hurt. Respond Your response must be between 3 and characters. Anonymous Does your penis grow larger during sex then masturbation? I will sock her cok to ok it is very good for us. It is quite normal to be turned on by nude guys, most guys get that feeling but don't talk about it, nude guys are attractive and looking at guys part and feel turned on means you're a gay or a bi, and as one before me said try to found out if you might have some attraction to girls, many of your good friends can help you out, regarding guys you know it, either way gay or bi.

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