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But sure enough, they snugged his fat ass and cock perfectly. They were both blackbut had Puerto Rican characteristics. He said he told me because he thought I was gay too and that he thought I would understand him better out of the others. We all slept in the small bed naked. My dick got harder as I climaxed.

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Our parents and their parents, who were all in florida visiting out grandma, all have the same birthday, too!

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They had green eyes, fat butts, and very fit. We all slept in the small bed naked. Mitchel came out to me when we was boy. Kinda like a boyfriendor something I knew he was shy and knew that he would get a huge, raging boner because he told me that he thinks we all were sexy, but I still demanded him to come anyways; best move of my life. I kissed him on the lips quickly and turned around for the soap and a rag. I for all was exited to finally get a good look at all their cocks. I'm 19 now, but this story takes place when I was boy.

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He let out the cutest little moan. He pulled down his shorts and revealed his member. They both ended up doing the same thing we did. Next thing you know, he was fucking me. I then turned around and pinned Mitchel to the wall, kissing him. His cock tasted just like how I imagined it to taste.

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