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Finding a navy blue with a light pink stripe to flag the right? Make a pin, charm, hair accessory, etc. What do you suggest? I love you, thanks for everything. Tie a bandana on your purse or bag. Use common sense when initiating a conversation. But sometimes guys just like to be spit on, or to guzzle your drool, or get gagged and watch their saliva string down while they get mercilessly paddled.

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The original code had only one green and it was coded to sex work.

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Queer Flagging 101: How to Use the Hanky Code to Signal the Sex You Want to Have

This article has multiple issues. Piss is considered a subset of raunch, which is an attraction to and emphasis on body fluids, excretions and the like. This is a hanky code guide for today — for guys who in are tired of hookup apps and ready to hit the streets. Some may be jokes. This one will need ample discussion prior to play. The simplicity of assigning brown to the rare shit fetish may have come about because yellow was the obvious choice for the more common and popular taste for piss.

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A go-go dancer at a gay club may wear the bandanas around the right or left side of his g-string to indicate what kind of sex he is interested in if he meets someone after his performance. Now more than ever we need the skills to deploy and read subtle code. In the s it was very common for men to wear their hanky tied around their neck with the knot positioned on either the left or right sideor around the ankle, especially when wearing boots, or, when undressed. The practice of flagging has since become popular among queers of all genders, and the colors and the meanings behind the bandanas has evolved to include nearly every shade of sex, kink and fetish. In the century and a half since, bandanas have become a standard of Western equestrian gear, including being a staple of every gay cowboy, whether urban or rural, circuit queen or rodeo circuit rider. Also how about flags for tribadism? Here are some hankies for you.