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He made me promise to see him next weekend, and I did. Someone beat and robbed him, leaving him on the side of the street. I ended up going to his hotel and we ended up getting it on. Not that I was anything to talk about because I mostly sat on the bench. My story is universal, and it's time we talk about it. Eventually this would lead to people teasing me, but it never escalated further than that.

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My story is universal, and it's time we talk about it.

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My experience as a gay, black man

I think that black men especially, have always felt the need to act manly, dominant and sometimes even, aggressive. One time, he showed up to shoot the shit — you know, like to hang out. We were seeing each other for six months and had yet to have our first sexual encounter. There are no rules. After that happened, I never heard from him again. I think the guy was around 30 years old? Not sure if it was his build or what, but I just I just know that I liked him.

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Over the course of a year, it happened a few times. He offered to go down on me and the other guy as a bet. The ultimate goal is that this perception shift will provide a foundation for individual and community change in Baltimore and Jackson. Does it come from within? This convoluted self-identity started to have its implications.

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