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And in the nine months of gestation that my brain has done since releasing that piece, we have decided to take the plunge. They chronicle their lives as dads of a quartet of kids on their blog Rockandledge and social media. The seahorse is one of the most unique and best fathers in the animal kingdom. But the process remains costly and time-consuming — and the challenges continue once the the child is born. They married last July in Washington DC, where gay marriage is legal, and then went back to Dallas to celebrate their wedding with family and friends in August.

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By Emily Peck.

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The following year, the couple went to California and used eggs from the same donor and surrogate mother to have two children: Suggest a correction. Four-month old Luke and Geneva in Shanghai, March 17, I usually respond with evidence that the scientific consensus is that kids raised by same sex parents do just fine.

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June 16,

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