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Mrs Malfoy had also saved his life, during the final battle; she had told Voldemort that Harry was dead, giving him the chance to get rid of Voldemort once and for all. I have been acting like a brat over the last few weeks, and I wanted to let you know that my mother and I will be forever thankful for saving our asses from Azkaban. Kissing Practice by Kachanski reviews Remus has never been kissed before, and so Sirius, good friend that he is, steps in to give his friend a crash course. Draco had been trying to forget that Harry had helped him. Perhaps the answer to this question is as simple as: There is a sexism and racism problem in fanfics. Jeremiah MiahVendetta, and Harmony.

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One was Quidditch and the other was Percy Weasley.

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Why Is There So Much Gay Shipping in Fanfiction?

He could not get all these thoughts out of his head. He falls hard for the straightest guy on the planet When they were both in the classroom, Draco closed the door behind them. He could not be flirting with Malfoy? When Harry stopped, Draco could not believe he was about to have a chance to speak to this man who may have saved his life.

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He knows he's a freak, but when his brother Harry and him find out they're wizards, he finds himself a freak people pay to see in a zoo. For example, many Supernatural fans reject Dean Winchester as canonically straight and, instead, read his bravado and masculine posturing as an indication that Dean is bisexual. But after the kiss, Sirius feels withdrawal symptoms as he desperately wants to feel exactly how he felt that first time he kissed a bloke. Than the percentage of gen? Is this where Givan truly realizes, how he feels for his enemy, Ravaan? PG13 Harry Potter - Rated:

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