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The bar had to move again though, due to the police and pressure from other places. Unfortunately, it got shut down probably for serving to minors one too many times but I've been told that party at Sangria that patricking mentioned is its closest successor. Most of the crowd that formed at the second and third Oz now hangs out at O'Banions. She's 20, but wants to go, with a bunch of our friends, to a gay or lesbian club in town Chicago some weekend soon. In the past decade, however, gay clubs have begun to splinter off from a somewhat antiquated sound.

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I'd suggest meeting your friend for dinner at T's in Andersonville definitely a lesbian-friendly part of town and there perusing the flyers and Windy City Times newspaper for some after dinner options.

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I've never seen people carded in the restaurant side of the place though you might want to call first and ask. A word of warning: Where my ladies at? Go there and see what they have. Give them a call or just drop in, someone will be able to help out. The Cunt Collective in Logan Square is more known for punk and hardcore shows, but those shows are often followed by dance parties and occasionally the space does throw outright dance parties. So your best bet is either find someone at your college who's printing up IDs or to start going to more

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There was a great little spot on the Southside called Myour House that was very queer friendly and did a lot of interesting events, but it got shut down just around new years' after a solid year of throwing underground parties. The owner of Oz was Dem Hopkins. This page was last modified on 2 Mayat Retrieved from " http: Home Latest News Menu. Finally, it ended up on Broadway. The bar had to move again though, due to the police and pressure from other places.

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