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She knew I was over there, because my car was in the driveway. He does not want his motives to be misconstrued. That is when I knew I did not want to wear a swim suit ever again. Since my nude swimming in high school was strictly with males, I can only write from conjecture. And it seemed most of the guys did not have suits.

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Again it was our choice and we wanted to.

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Though I was too young for nude swim teams, I enjoyed nude hot tubbing and swimming in the back yard polls of the suburbs in the late 70s and early 80s. Not sure that is entirely true. How often did community institutions expect, even force, American adolescent boys to swim naked in the presence of females? Sean and I jumped to our feet and pushed to the ring of students. I assume some of the people in the photos are still alive.

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Kids walked by, pointed, and some shoved him. These boys also swam nude in front of girls both younger and older than they were. When I tell others about this activity, they always look at me in shock. And how could a boy not have been embarrassed if his own mother had not seen him naked for a year or more? Why could they accept naked men being in public pools or among clothed people but modern people require men to hide their genitalia? But photographs of vulnerable boys who had no choice; boys beneath the age of sexual consent? Rosenbaum attributes this to the communal nudity at athletic squad weigh-ins and draft physicals.

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